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Online Documents Done Slickly

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Aug 30 2014

For Exxon Mobil Oil Corp., it just doesn’t get any more mission-critical than the refinery. The multibillion-dollar conglomerate’s entire business structure stems from the thousands of refineries the company has built around the world, as well as energy storage facilities.

To help ensure consistent quality during the construction of oil and gas facilities, Mobil has spent about $7 million adopting an on-line documentation system that contains all the specifications necessary to build Mobil plants. Read the rest of this entry »

Get The Right Tools Into Your Toolbox

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Oct 15 2013

Service providers looking for better ways to slice and sell server space have new options from two vendors offering comprehensive hosting management tools.

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Putting A Lock On Your Web Content

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Oct 03 2013

Most web site security software is designed to stop theft of data or denial-of-service attacks, but Lockstep Systems Inc.’s new security application attempts to minimize the embarrassing (or worse) effects of attacks that alter or deface company Web pages.

wcWebAgain 1.0, which was released last month, is a Read the rest of this entry »

Usability Notes For Hot Websites

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Sep 28 2013

A successful user-centered project naturally begins with a clear picture of the user. Understanding your audience not only gives the selected vendor a headstart; it also provides a vital foundation for system requirements, which influences every area of the system, says Company Magazine. Leverage the expertise of your organization to gather consumer demographics and psychographics. Understand the user’s domain knowledge, environment, background, and familiarity with the Internet and technology. If possible, conduct a user-needs analysis, which helps you develop a business case outlining user-centered requirements and measurable objectives.

Advisor Tip

hwsA usability test of an existing system helps you better understand your current user base. It also identifies specific problems that must be rectified through the redesign, as well as provides a baseline for measuring the success of that redesign.

Develop a solid set of requirements

Whether you’re creating a new product or enhancing an existing one, there’s a reason to look for outside expertise. Maybe your site isn’t getting enough repeat visitors, or maybe your internal staff can be more productive if technology carries more burden. Your perceived need is the foundation for your system requirements.

These suggestions help you: (a) maximize the probability that your needs are met; and (b) establish an appropriate level of specificity to provide the greatest value to the usability group.

1. Go beyond the features list. Don’t let your requirements become simply a list of features the new system must contain. Such

Is Customer Loyalty Possible On The Web?

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Aug 19 2013

More ammunition is in the pipeline for companies that want to maximize their relationships with online customers, with a new suite of tools from Quadstone Inc. and a rash of acquisitions among developers that are pitching intelligent e-business.

potwQuadstone’s Customer Conversion, rolled out last week, is designed to harvest Web clickstream data and integrate it with other sources to improve customer interactions and Web site effectiveness.

Customer Conversion provides software for transforming and moving data from Web servers and other sources into a database, where it may be viewed, analyzed and distributed by other Customer Conversion tools. The application includes four components-cc:Transform, cc:Insight, cc:Mining and cc:Action.

The software, which supports Windows NT, Solaris and HP-UX, is available now. Pricing starts at $50,000.

Quadstone’s entry comes during a feeding frenzy of acquisitions. Since mid-November, industry watchers have observed six buyouts-some valued at more than $500 million-by developers looking to bolster e-business applications with data analysis software and third-party demographic data.

These newly wedded vendors claim their integrated offerings will help dot-coms close the loop on customer relationships by providing personalized marketing, which will fine-tune sales efforts by customer segmentation and profitability analysis derived from Web clickstream data.

“It’s a whole effort to add intelligence to an e-commerce system to be able to optimize your sales and marketing efforts,” said Joseph Marino, an analyst at Current Analysis Inc., in Sterling, Va.

The latest acquisition came on Jan. 17, when Net Perceptions Inc.,